eBayer verse Pay Pal -- Winner: PAY PAL

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Having read several : PAYPAL TAKE YOUR MONEY FOR NO GOOD REASON reviews, I thought I would share my experience of the system. I paid quite a lot for an item via ebay using Pay Pal. I spent the best part of two weeks chasing the seller, who eventually confirmed the goods had been dispatched. 1 week later - no goods, seller  claims she has lost ' proof of postage' slip.'  NO PROBLEM, I put in a claim under the Pay Pal protection to reclaim my Pay Pal payment.   ' No can do ' ..say Pay Pal, we only refund if the seller has sufficient funds in her account. Guess what...no funds, no refund and no goods.

Pay Pal needs to review its system for both buyer and seller. Maybe funds should be held until both buyer and seller  - tick a goods received and goods sent box. If items go missing - then the amount is held in suspension until either the goods arrive, sometimes several weeks for overseas, or until the post office sorts out and pays compensation. Proof of postage covers up to £32.00 free, and if the item has an high value then the appropriate postage should be used anyway to protect against loss.

All ebayers are at risk - if you buy then the seller can leave neg feedback against, and if you sell then the buyers can leave neg feedback. Power sellers are at a higher risk, as they need to maintain 98%. So its a catch 22 situation - where honest ebayers lose out and scammers win.

Until there is another option to Pay Pal.....or until Pay Pal review their system.........I think all ebayers will lose at at sometime during their ebaying experience.

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