eBay's Feeback System. Worse than ever

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Could eBay have made their feedback system any worse for sellers. It was bad to start with but now I can hardly even explain it without using foul language.

Before, even if a buyer didn't apy for an item, you would have to tinkk twice about leaving them a negative comment as they are almost certain to reciprocate it, even if they are at fault. This in itself is wrong and buyers should have never been allowed to leave feedback for an item which they didn't have proof of payment for (i.e bank statement or PO receipt).

NOW however, we aren't even allowed to decide whether we will or won't leave them a negative feedback for non payment as we can only leave a positive for a Buyer (rubbish or what??). However this same buyer can leave us a malicious negative saying that they haven't received an item (even if they haven't paid??!!) we can do nothing about this (and some buyers will as there are some seriously unhinged people out there). No negative feedback for Sellers even if they don't respond, yet we lose our fees & waste our time and eBay will only refund the Final Value Fee (rip off or what).

So basically, eBay is now all for Buyers and have nothing to give to us Sellers, (even though we are the ones that they get their fees from and would be broke without us). Whats more you can no longer mutually remove feedback, and feedback is only removed if Buyer does not respond to dispute (what are the chances of that). So what about us sellers in all this... we are the ones that have to suffer.

Well i can predict that a lot of traders will cease to sell their items on eBay (I have at least 5 firends myself who refuse to list on eBay anymore). Expensive fees, benefits only for Buyers & ruubbish customer support, who can blame them if they can find elsewhere to sell their items!!!

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