ebay and paypal marriage

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Ever since ebay purchased paypal, it has slowly but deliberately reduced your transaction options on ebay, it is mandatary now to allow payment by paypal and to post items or at least offer a postal service. This is largely due to its efforts to make ebay safe!!  yeah, well safe for who exactly? if you sell something and an idiot or scammer buys it, they can claim their money back dead easy, they simply say the item whas not as described or thay they did not receive it. You can be the most honest person in the world, it'll make no difference as ebay always side with the buyer.........Perhaps we should all sell as cash on collection only, then if they buyer does not approve of the item, he walks away.   Oh and by the way, if you are a new ebayer and sell something, paypal (ebay) will hold your money for 21 days, just to make sure the buyer is satisfied and does not want the money back because they changed their mind! that way they can refund it and yoiu can't do a thing except pay your fees of course.



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