ebay buying guide

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This is just a short guide on helping people not too get ripped off

1   check sellers feedback   - Remember just because the person selling has a number of 500+ next to the id doesn't mean they have sold that many.Check their sellers feedback.

2   any mention of fake then avoid - If there are a few buyers saying the same thing,that the item is fake,then stay away.

3   Power Sellers - just because their power sellers doesn't mean you wont have trouble.I find some power sellers when you have a problem,very hard to accommodate you,they are always right.

4   ask questions before bidding
- If something feels not right then ask questions.I find communication from a seller is key on whether your transaction will be easy if there is aproblem

5   ask them about their refund policy
- Good sellers will state this but a lot of sellers don't and say they don't have one which is against the law

6    look at the sellers feedback- if he/she is genuine and a good seller then they will admit their mistakes.

7  Cheaper Goods - Just because its cheaper doesn't give sellers the right to sell fake or damaged goods.But the problem is 9/10 it will be.Use your common sense

Conclusion - In my experience just use your common sense. If it sounds to good to be true,then it usually is.Just ask questions.With clothes don't buy top brands as they are usually fake.Not all but 9/10 they are.

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