ebay fraudsters beware

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hi everyone

just a quick guide to all those who are selling high priced items

i have been selling mobile phones and like all sellers you get the usual scammers wanting you to send the phone to there uncles brothers girlfriend in nigeria but there registered account is in the uk and they always make you an offer that is so high its wrong!!

anyway just recently i was subjected to fruad

i sold a phone to someone who was registered with ebay and paypal and had good feedback so i didnt suspect a thing the money was immediatley paid into payapl and all was good

as this was a saturday i had no way of posting till monday (which saved me )

when i checked my paypal i noticed that the payment had come from a verifed account but the name and address was completley different from the one which was registered so i contacted the buyer and he said he was using his friends credit card to pay ok i thought maybe this is right but the doubt had set in

on monday i checked my paypal account again why i dont no but maybe it was the niggle of doubt

but the payment had been held

so after making contact with the buyer who didnt respond (no surprise) i contacted ebay who told me a stolen credit card had been used to purchase the phone

if it wasnt for the niggle i had i would be £300 down now

and no thanks to paypal who didnt contact me till the following week and as it was fraudulent use of a credit  card i was not covered by paypal protection

so please when someone buys from you even if its £10 and the payment was made immediatley  check your paypal account before you send the item

make sure your buyers are confirmed with paypal  




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