ebay listing and con sellers

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i think ebay do not do their job right [1] you have a seller who sells the goods and get paid from paypal but the goods do not turn up after a period of time months the seller says he will pay back the buyer is never happens and the seller is still allow to sell on ebay and does the same again these sellers seems to get away from conning buyers and ebay allows them to get away with it.if you ask ebay what they are doing about it you are told it will be sorted out . i had a seller blegga87 i paid £250 for a television is was reported to ebay and i went to the the police to report this person rebbeca armfield 81 the ridgeway croyden and was told because i reported it to ebay then had to leave it for ebay to sort out. i have another seller who conned me out of £412 about 2weeks ago i have not reported to ebay yet but i will to the police to see if they can do is seller for fraud. why do ebay not have a list of these con merchants
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