ebay or autotrader? Selling your car or motorbike

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Selling your car? Autotrader V's ebay

So the question that's playing on your mind is whether to sell your vehicle on ebay or autotrader. The reality is that we're selling our car or motorbike to either buy a new car, to fund a car we've already bought, or because we need the cash...so we don't want to spend more than necessary when listing the car for sale.

Cost comparison, ebay or autotrader

Listing your car for sale on ebay as a classified ad = £14.99
Listing your car for sale on autotrader = £45

In my personal opinion, I've seen a lot more success in selling cars on Autotrader, I tend to find ebay buyers are looking for a bargain and not willing to pay the genuine value of the car. However at £15 it becomes a difficult choice.

The solution:

My advice would be to start with Autotrader, as cars tend to fetch a higher price simply list your car at £50 more than you had initially planned to.

Secondly: grab yourself a deal...Autotrader currently have a partnership with TopCashback which gives you 10% cashback on your listing...saving you a modest £4.50....but hey thats £4.50 in your pocket and not theirs. To get the cashback simply, sign up to TopCashback and then click on autotrader once you've logged in, your cashback will then automatically track and get paid once you have listed your car or motorbike.

So ebay or autotrader? For me it's autotrader first, then ebay as a second option if I don't have much luck.

Thanks - remember to get your cashback 

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