ebay removing sellers rights to leave fair feedback

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This is a statement that all sellers should individually copy by example and write/speak to ebay to give their opinion of the new feedback rules put in place recentely. Surely in a democratic society which we all live in we have a right to comment and share our views/opinons. I know that statement may be deep but still relavent - why have sellers rights to leave a fair comment back to customers just been removed. Ebay say it should not be a problem if you provide 1st class service. I'm sure most sellers do as if they didn't they would not last long here. The problem is that when dealing with some buyers due to a lack of product knowledge or due to a negative attitude they will leave negative/neutral feedback when it is unjust or not correct. How do we reply! we don't! no voice! If I am correct do we not all pay to get treated like this!? So do something about it and show your opinion and call up your account manager our ebay sellers helpline or write in a guide to show what you think. Dont do nothing. 

This is what we are left to do show are feelings on a guide posting! joke!




happy trading



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