ebay scam

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Just thought it may be useful to people out there, somebody has just tried to scam me.  He is supposed to be on an offshore petrolium engineer.  He wanted to buy my product as a gift for his son.  was very suspisious because his english grammer was not very good.  Used typical English name.  The plot thickened when he said he couldn't use a computer (bearing in mind he can email me personally but not through the buy now button on ebay.)  He wanted to pay outside ebay using paypal  he then claims he is sending extra money to get goods picked up from me.  Luckily for me I did not give my address out and smelled a Rat possible a Nigerian Rat  trying to rip me off.  Be careful out there when selling.  Just to let you know I have telephoned Ebay and Paypal who were very helpful and are invetsigating the scam.  If in doubt trust your instincts and don't do anything outside ebay as they keep you safe.




ebay scam

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