ebay seller babz

Like if this guide is helpful
The ebay seller babz is not the cheapest but then cheapest is usually not best
occasionally you do get a genuine bargain
but in many cases cheapest just means low quality or bad seller

Too many sellers send crappy items
then when you contact them they just offer some money back in exchange for good feedback
this just means other buyers do not get to know how bad some sellers really are

Some sellers even sell on your contact details such as ebay user: essex_treasures
I purchased an item from essex_treasures and he gave my contat details to giffgaff
babz would never use your contact details like this

babz might not be the cheapest but babz prices are very competitive
and babz are Very Reliable and Helpful and items usually arrive very quick

I have often purchased items from babz because they are so reliable
babz are usually quick to respond to and help with any questions
on the rare occasions there has been a problem babz has been very helpful
and any problem is quickly and easily dealt with
I would rather pay a little more for babz reliable service
in my opinion babz is one of the best most reliable and helpful sellers on ebay
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