ebay still not pulling finger out

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havent been doing much on ebay this year as keep coming across problems,i.e.people with really bad feedback and yet still allowed to continue trading,are ebay fees really worth losing so much custom,it certainly looks that way,dont get me wrong there are some great ebayers on here that i would always sell too or buy off.        this is not a first where ebay is concerned as i not too long ago watched the program watchdog who on more than one occasion have spoke against ebay concerning western union etc,yet again people getting ripped off,now i think the time has come to sort this all out,or has ebay give up on all the good people that got this thing moving as without the people the business will no longer exist and would never have got going in the first place...hopefully they will sort these problems as i do like ebay as do many others,so good luck to all who are geniune on ebay,whether you be buyer or seller,and come on ebay get this sorted as these crooks should be arrested not allowed to continue to do business.spie79


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