ebay - the global jumble sale? best job in the world. 2

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... so here is my second case against / for ebay /paypal etc et al.

I am complaining because I sold by auction an item which was sold within the seven days of the auction. several people were bidding on this single item. I then recieved payment via paypal instantly and being foolish and keen to keep customers satisfied I posted the item a day later - by standard post again !(although this may not be that relevant on this occasion). Today I recieve a notice from paypal that the buyers payment was cancelled!!!!

Leaving me hanging in the wind! I try to believe all ebayers (buyers and sellers) are basically honest but how can paypal - the secure, approved and acknowledged world recognised site, simply cancel with out any explanation or compensation to me.If it was a stolen credit card and I was a 'shop' I could claim against my card provider / insurance - assuming I had followed the correct procedures ie checked card, signature etc.

BUT Paypal appear to have done the dirty to me and left me without any recompense (they have certainly not told me what I should do about this)

I have now personally emailed the buyer requesting clarification!

only time will tell. Again this is a plea to any ebayers to let me know if there is a solution to this nightmare scenario as I am considering retiring from ebay - I do not have a large profit margin and cannot afford recorded delivery on every item and I can certainly not afford to lose every tenth parcel either to the post or to thieves!!! sorry buyers - alleged thieves!!! TA

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