ebay useless £10 gift coupons

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Following a rather expensive purchase on ebay I received a gift coupon from ebay saying " We could have sent you almost anything to say thank you...    ...but we thought you would like to choose - Thanks - £10 off your next purchase on ebay when you spend £60 or more". All you have to do is 'Select and buy the item you want on ebay.co.uk ensuring the seller accepts Paypal. Minimum purchase price is £60 to qualify for the offer and the maximum discount is £10. The coupon will expire on 21st September 2006'. Next day I bought 2 tyres  (£64 for one and £54 for the second from the same seller). I followed all the payment instructions with the coupon and  tried to pay by PAYPAL. The coupon was not accepted so I made the full payment. When I phoned the number on the coupon for problems  with redeeming it I was told that I could only use it for paying for an 'item' and not for 'items'.  The fact that the first purchase had been for an 'item' over £60 did not qualify.      Maybe I should have trained as a lawyer - I might then have understood that what is written is not the same as what is meant.

IT happened again.   Another £10 voucher - this time with no purchase restrictions except to be redeemed by 23.59.59 February 29th, 2008. I should have thought it too good to be true but I'm too gullible. I tried to use it to pay for a purchase on February 29th but it was rejected because it was out of date.   Phoned the number on the voucher to find out more and was told that there was a mistake because their system didn't know there was a 29th February (leap year) and the voucher should have been used by 28th February.  The good news was that I would be credited with the £10.  The bad news is that two months later I have not.    

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