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hello to all ebayers!!!

let me begin this guide as a buyer,  i allways check the feedback score of any ebayer i am about to make a bid with and i allways check the feedback left from both buyers and sellers, when possible, check out what has been recently purchased from the seller and the corrosponding feedback left in regards to that item.   if you are making a big buy say a c.d player or i pod [somthing costing you more then just a couple of pounds] dont be afraid to email recent buyers from the seller you are about to use, if they where a genuine seller then you will get genuine replys from there buyers, and never leave feedback untill you have recieved and checked your item as we all no feedback can not be altered once left!!.    As a seller i know how important it is to recieve good feedback but i would say about half of my buyers dont leave feedback at all, the same can be said about sellers i have bought from, for some reason not everyone leaves feedback, which i find hard to understand,   if you have had a good buy/sale then you are helping yourself and others by leaving good feedback if you had a bad ebay experiance then by leaving neutral or negative feedback you are warning others about bad ebayers.....we all know there out there!!  another good tip,  dont delete your item untill you have checked the feedback left, as with most bad ebayers if you have left bad feedback it will be followed up on if you have deleted the item it is harder for you to find and reply to, stating the truth behind the feedback.  one way arround it as a seller s to only leave feedback once feedback has been recieved. this is now how i sell in most cases, allthough this dose come with some down falls, people automatically think what have they got to hide? why dont they do feedback first?  so long as it is stated that feedback will be left once recieved due to your reasons, in most cases sales are not affected.   once again do your homework, dont rush into any purchase, no matter how many seconds are left on an item with no bids,  if you think your getting to much of a bargain just check why theres no bids?? 

!!!!feedback is there for a reason allways use it , both before and after a sale !!!!

for more advice try more on all sections of ebay

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