ebayers in the wolverhampton area?

Like if this guide is helpful

note to all sellers i have had problems recently with two ebayers both from wolverhampton who both live within 5 mins drive of each other. they buy items and take forever to pay and then take forever to leave feedback or arange pick up dates and times and never show. thay then try to blackmail your feedback when you carry out unpaid items strikes and become very intimdating and thretening towards you saying that they no people who live near you who will go round your house or say that they will come round in person and deal with you.

one even when as far as calling the police on me regaurding a responce i gave to a hate email i recived off him.

all i can say is just be warned if someone pays you and they are from wolverhampton dont give them any info ie home address. and never apply for contact details as remember they get an email with your details in as well

im not acusing every ebayer in the wolverhampton area im just saying watch out they are some evil scummy b"$tards around now days

note one of the guys buys vintage audio equipment ie old amplifiyers and the other buys camara equipment but to be far i would say the first guy made the other guy bid and waste my time....i think they no each other as they both make the same threts

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