ebay's lacoste polo's fake counterfeit rubbish

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just bought 3 lacoste polo's from ebay and guess what.3 absolutelly resounding fakes.the sellers all told the same story($72 pricetag designed in france made in peru).on receiving them the first thing i noticed was the quality of the cotton or lack of it,i have seen better shirts in asda or poundstretchers.i decided to look at other lacoste polo's on ebay,studying them,i failed too spot one authentic shirt,not one.now maybe it was just at the time of looking but i find this incredible.why this is allowed to happen .i find it baffling,i really do.                       seriously if your looking to buy a lacoste shirt avoid ebay.if its new with bags and tags it's fake,simple as that,fake,just look how much the wholesale ones go for.it works out about £6 for one and then they sell singlely for £20 too £30.ask yourself £6 for a lacoste shirt,fashion stores don't get them at that price.and the reason they are that price,fake,made in a chinese sweatshop.if you do go for one like i'm describing($72 etc) i wouldn't bid more than a tenner because when you get it you'll feel it looks considerably overpriced even at that.just a wee rant from a guy totally against counterfeit rubbish,ebay should ban the selling of these pronto.if you do buy a fake shirt,report the seller to ebay.they know thery are ripping you off.you'll get the usual garbage,MY SUPPLIER GUARANTEES THER AUTHENTICITY,don't fall for there rubbish,report them.maybe that way we can get these CON ARTISTS OFF EBAY

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