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What is an eBook?
eBook is short for electronic book, a book that offers the convenience, access, and unique capabilities of the digital realm. eBooks are purchased online, and then downloaded to a PC, laptop, or portable device. The eBook can then be read on-screen using an eBook reader
eBooks are available in a variety of different formats, including Microsoft Reader and Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader.
eBooks can be bought online and downloaded in a matter of minutes. Once you have downloaded an eBook you can easily access it at any time. Search and bookmark facilities enable text to be quickly found. Both Microsoft Reader and the Acrobat eBook Reader keep a library of all of your eBooks.


Adobe Acrobat & Acrobat Reader : Acrobat is Adobe's software for viewing Portable Document Format (PDF) files -- PDF has become one of the most commonly used ebook formats. The popularity of Acrobat has grown through PDF's growing maturity, and its universal portability -- PDF files can be shared reliably between almost all operating systems. Currently there are versions of Acrobat available for Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux.
PDF - Portable Document Format: Adobe Systems developed PDF. The intention behind the format is for it to represent a document in a way that is independent of the software,  PDF has been around since the early 90s and so is a mature, robust and extremely popular format. Adobe Acrobat.


These types of files are self starting by clicking on the icon they will start up ready for you to use.So you don’t have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these type of ebooks.


Text can be searched, except when represented in the form of images.
Take up little space.
Ebooks may be read in low light or even total darkness, with a back-lit device
Readily reformatted for independent platformInstantly copied
An inexpensive format for works that require color.
An excellent choice of format for works that benefit from search and cross-reference capabilities, such as dictionaries, reference works, certain kinds of textbooks.


Most of the ebooks that are sold on Ebay are sent in what is called a zip file which compresses the file down for easy download.

You will need winzip to un-zip these files which when you buy an ebook most sellers will put a link where you can obtain a copy of the file decompression software.


ebooks for every one




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