elastolin and Lineol toy soldiers

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Elastolin toy soldiers are only starting to become seriously collectable in the UK. They have been overshadowed by our own made Britains Toy soldiers. In America they have a vast following. So if you do list them, make sure you go international. Its not possible to give an estimate on unseen soldiers, so sharp clear photography is a must. With all antiques, condition is paramount to value. In particular, Elastolin and lineol are subject to decay due to their construction method, ie wire armature and crumbling outer materials. This is how very rare and great condition examples reach crazy prices, while common and crumbling one's are less so. The really interesting and displayable aspects of these German soldiers is the amazing attention to everyday common soldier activity, shaving, washing, hauling and digging. Every Soldier old and young would understand what each pose really means, and how much the series represents the life of soldiering.


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