espn sports viewing cards for lcd/plasma tvs

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if your thinking of getting a top up tv card be aware it will cost you a lot more than any other provider..i bought a espn viewing card this week from £30 first month arrived 3 days later..great i thought went to put it in the tv only to find i need a cam.this is a little slot box u slide the viewing card in then slide into pcmcia slot on i phone topuptv up and asked them were it was they said you have to buy i ask how much to be told they dont sell them ...??????..they told me to try the big i drive 5 mile to a elk mill complex in oldham  i go to currys pc world argos extra and comet..sorry was the reply we dont sell them..comet said when setanta went bust so did there i have a viewing card and no way to view it through my tv i ring topup tv back and explained to them .that if they dont want to go the same way setanta did they need to rectify this problem now .as ive found only 4 and there on ebay with bids on them they must be as rare as rocking horse wotsit..they said i should try other retailers..i said ive tried the big 4 if they dont sell them what chance have i got after being with espn topuptv for 5 hours i told them to stop the direct debit cut my loses at £30 for a useless card... should have just gone to sky or virgin by the time i buy if i can find one a cam for this card the true cost would exceed the other providers
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