europeancardriver - Beware of this seller from USA

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Last year I was visiting the United States, when I decided to make a purchase through ebay. I checked with the seller that he would actually deliver the goods to my temporary address in California, he was all too willing to facilitate this. Once my bid was successful he insisted the postage was that for the UK, not the cost quoted in his listing for post within the USA. A number of emails were sent asking for an invoice with the correct postage. I tried for a number of weeks to sort this out, until I ran out of time and continued my travels. This was explained to him, at which point he became damn right rude. He insisted I pay the amount for international postage, left negative feedback and reported me as a non paying buyer. He accused me of trying to rip him off, made numerous threats and demanded  I pay fees for relisting the goods.

In his emails he was threatening, abusive and used every method he could to offend and upset me. After informing him that I wished to forget the difficulties of our failed transaction he still hounded me. I had lost my son only weeks before, I explained this, again emphasising a desire to be left alone, he persisted in being as awkward as possible.
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