expensive postage, disputes and your limitations

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i have been a member and good trader on ebay for over 3 years now. please beware of  rules and limitations. i have been stung by paypal and ebay. i paid £41 for a pda which i never received. i followed ebays advice and kept contact with the seller. due to this, i was no longer elligable for paypal cover and ebay will only pay £16 back, why? well, £15 admin fee and £10 postage not covered. so i am well out of pocket. i have already been ripped off for £300 for a laptop which i stupidly did a bank transfer. i think the policies are unfair. if you pay  £10 for an item(eg. from china) and postage is £30, you will not be elligable for anything back under ebays policy. i think due to ebays very bad customer support(no possible direct contact whatsoever) it will be gone very soon. i may get my account closed because of free speech, but i will only use ebay if there is no other possible option. you need to look after your customers. any money i have saved through ebay has been taken by bad practice from ebay. email me if you have been affected by ebays profit making, non customer care policies. as an extra. if you buy from an online shop with ebay you have the right to a full refund, however, if you buy from an individual, you have very few rights.cheers, andy
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