f...y9991- aeromodelling comradery?

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I thought this important to note,as I have always found ebay a friendly community in which members act with integrity and decency.

My lad, on limited means (pocket money) mistakenly bought the wrong type of fuel at a local model shop. Having use a small amount of it, he could not return it, but offered it half- price on e-bay, or at a "reasonable offer",

When I  realised he had not set a reserve, or a BIN,he contacted the leading bidder, explaining the situation.

This bidder,f ...y9991, said that that was his tough luck, and said that if £14 of fuel was won by him for £1, he would expect it delivered. He agrees the advert was worded erroneously, but feels it is "fair game" to take advantage of a mistake!

f....y991 still insists the fuel is his, and has gone to ebay resolution to claim "his fuel", which he claims is reasonable value at £1!

This goes against honesty, decency,morality, and does not reflect the comeraderie which usually exists between aeromodelers, and he has even adopted a hectoring and bullying attitude toward my lad, who is undertandibly very upset.

He is on half-term holiday and studying for his GCSEs, and could do without this bully attitude from a grown man ( I deliberately did not use the word "mature").

I feel very strongly about this,(and my lad feels guilty at jeopardising my 100% reliability), so much so that should ebay enforce this unfair state of affairs, I shall be more than happy to boycott ebay.

In any case, since aero fuel has to be collected in person, there is no way f ...y991 will recieve it, as I have no wish to meet this money-pincher in person.

I thought other members of the ebay community should be warned of selfish members, who put a few pounds profit before their ethics and morality.


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