factory seconds being sold as perfect!

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I was very excited to have won an item from an ebay powerseller named pairstheshoepeople.However, I was worried about the amount of negative feedback this seller has had.
But I figured that ebay would not allow a complete rogue to be a powerseller and scam lots of the ebayers who make the site so successful would they? Or would they?
Anyway, I took note of the business details and phoned the seller before I bid. I asked if they had the boots in stock, were they the right size? Were they real leather? Were they OK? They weren't so cheap as to make me suspicious but they were a good bargain. On the basis of what I was told, I bid and won my boots. I was so excited, planned to wear them out to a Sunday meal if they arrived in time. Silly how a girl gets so excited over a pair of boots.
Anyway, they arrived today and I tore open the wrapping and opened the box and..........................could have wept!!!!
 Yes, they are a size 3 and yes they are leather. That's the only thing right about them.
I worked in a shoe factory may years ago, and understand that some shoes are not up to standard, so they get checked and removed to the store and are sold off cheaply as seconds. Some seconds are better than others. These are the 'others'. They were missing the tassles on the sides, the leather was marked and damaged and had large quality control white crosses all over them, but probably the most shocking thing for me was the fact that the soles which had been attached to the bottom of the boots were too small. So you have the rubber sole, and then a good inch of the base of the boot, complete with stitching which is not covered and which will not only let in the wet, but very quickly come apart leaving me with peep toe winter boots. I am annoyed for several reasons. Firstly that no mention was made of any damage in the listing. No mention of factory seconds and lastly, that ebay allows a powerseller who is OBVIOUSLY dishonest to carry on trading and scamming people out of their hard earned money. I was going to leave feedback about my boots as the seller has relisted a pair like them. I wanted to warn the next person who might want to bid on them. However, since ebay wants to protect the scammers, thieves and powersellers (or are they all the same thing), they won't allow me to leave feedback for a week, allowing enough time for another person to lose nearly £30 on something not fit for purpose.  would want to know why ebay won't let me leave feedback for something I received if not to protect the thieves and scammers.
This guide will not allow me to put up photos of the boots so others can see how terrible the damage is, nor allow me to direct people to a blog I made showing and describing the damage. Nor can I put my email address for others to contact me so that I can send them photos and have a chat and warn them. If the trading standards people had so much secrecy in order to protect rogue traders, there would be an outcry. All I can say is that if anyone was to do a search for Fenwtch they might fall across my own website which has contact details on it.
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