fake Links of London watches

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As you are probably already aware there are quite a few fake Links of London Sweetie watches on ebay. When you have bought one and discover the fake the seller will usually quite happily accept the return and then sell the item to the next person. You can however avoid this by contacting Links of London customer service. I send my item to them and they were happy to confirm in writing that it was a fake. If you contact paypal, they will advise you of the process of getting this letter to them and then they will try to get your money back. it's a tedious process and hampered by a paypal deadline of 10 days after you open the fraud case, but if every buyer did this then there would be probably less people trying to sell the fakes. to make sure your watch is real check the size of the crown, which is usally larger, the back of the watch which is not as smooth, the serial number which should correspond with the size and colour of the watch. I also found that the enclosed Links of London card with the care instructions was full of spelling mistakes. One other thing to look out for are warranty cards. if somebody is selling an unwated present, they might not have kept the packaging and migth not have the receipt but usually they should have a warranty card...
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