fake Vs real gillette mach 3 turbo blades

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Hi, if your thinking (like i did) that razor blades are too expensive and wouldn't it be great if you could buy them in bulk and save a heap of cash, then think again.

I bought 20 Mach 3 Turbo blades from an Ebay auction. Could not wait for my "cheap shave", so when they arrived i checked the packet against an old ORIGINAL packet and they looked almost identical. The only difference was that the ORIGINAL looked a bit brighter, colour wise.

Immediately left positive feedback and then set about ripping my poor little face to shreds with my new purchase.

Thought it must be me , so put on some more shaving oil, and ripped my face up a bit more.

Be very aware that these blades are absolutely rubbish.

Bought a pack of ORIGINAL blades and it was like shaving with a feather compared to these crap fake ones.

Just goes to show that most of the time you really DO get what you pay for.

The Originals have GILLETTE stamped on the Back of the blade casing, but the fakes i have, don't. The casing on originals looks kind of metallic grey, whereas, on the fakes it is a flat grey, and the blue strip may as well be plastic on the fakes as it doesn't seem to wear down like the originals.

One surefire way to avoid getting ripped(pardon the pun) off is to ask the seller if they have GILLETTE stamped on them before you purchase.

Hope this is of help to you,


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