fake adidas y3 trainers

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Don't get stung buying these trainers for forty or fifty quid off e-bay, I did and since buying some in a reputable shop now realise that the ones I first purchased off an e-bay seller were nasty copies and nowhere near the quality they should be. The best way to spot the fakes is to ask the seller to send you a close up shot of the inside of the tongues where the labels are situated, if you can read all the numbers and nothing is obscured by some kind of pattern then you're heading in the right direction, you want a pic of both the tongues together as the numbers from left to right should differ ie-no two shoes should have the same "BJ numbers" this is the number on the last line of the tongues.The labels should be neatly stuck on, each shoe should come with its own dust bag and one spare set of laces, If the seller isn't prepared to send pics or says that his camera isn't good enough to pick these numbers up then chances are they aren't real.Another check to do before buying is to go on the y3 website and see which colours are in production and if they aren't on the website then they aren't genuine,colours like white with navy or purple stripes have never been in production so these colour combos just simply can't be genuine Also get a guarantee off the seller that if they aren't genuine then you want a full refund including postage then when they arrive check them against some in a store (selfridges or van mildert), you will be able to tell the fakes a mile off. Just remember these trainers are upto £150 in the shops  there's a reason for this and thats the quality that you're paying for and theres not much chance of finding genuine ones for one third the rrp. Hope this guide is helpfull to people and if any-one wants any further pointers then I will do my best to help, But just remember if it seems too good to be true then it usually is.
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