fake bb5 nokia unlocking codes fake bricked phone

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hi just thought id write a guide about this as there are so many fools advertising this on ebay,these supposed unlockers for bb5 phones DO NOT WORK,they are a random code generator,a true coder should spit the same 3 codes every time,but this one just generates a different one everytime!
If you do buy it and use it,you get 3 attempts at decoding it then you are out of attempts,you have no more trys and no way of resetting it either,so then you have a phone which you can NEVER unlock!!
And to think you paid someone to do this to your phone!!!
Trust me i had a 6680,and after buying the software and trying it(it didnt work,so i looked into it more)then reading thier supposed 60% success rate,i did a few hours net research and found to this day there isNO CODE GENERATOR FOR THESE PHONES,only dct 2 3 and 4 ie 6230(not i)3310 3410 and the likes,the only code that WILL work is the one supplied by your NETWORK PROVIDER who LOCKED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE,they are charging between 15 and 20 pounds for this,but REMEMBER IF YOU HAVE TRIED ANY OTHER UNLOCKING CODES 3 TIMES THIS WILL NOT WORK and your phone will be on your original provider for ever.
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