fake clubs

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Please be careful everybody even on ebay you will not get a brand new £350 driver for £60 . it is about time EBAY sorted this out . Sellers who have clearly imported fakes from HOng Kong and have managed to build up a good trading feedback by selling cheap items over a couple of days to gang members. They then put on a load of top quality clubs using library pictures with no reserve and make a quick killing. If we can see it happening EBAY need to address the situation. If you see a club no reserve with a libray picture . ie callaway FTi square and it looks a bargain look at the trader,  if he has another 10 listings all similar clubs this will be a fake DON'T BID . A friend of mine bought one looks as good as new , played 2 rounds and the face cracked , had a serial number turned out to be a fake , USE a magnet, Titanium does not stick to a magnet but a cheap HONG KONG fake does. If you think you have a bargain it will bite you when the club becomes useless even the shafts are fake . 300 yard drives from a fake club will not happpen they are C--P save your money for the real thing . Remember these are not T shirts Manufacture's spend hundreds of thousand of pounds in r and d to fine tune these clubs to send a ball 300 yards thats why they cost the money they do, Bid on clubs from genuine traders and golfers . hope this helps

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