fake cosmetics on ebay

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recently i have spotted fake lancome creams on ebay. I knew there was lots of fake perfumes, but didnt think that someone would do cosmetic fake as it can be already very dangerous and cause even illnesses, because to be honest, you cant know what people put in to them. So if you see on ebay someone selling items for too good price to be true, do not buy it or you will harm yourself. I have added some pictures so that you can spot the difference. Those sellers selling fake items comming mainly from Estonia, China and unfortunately Estonians registered in Norway. Sellers id:honeyyork, solvariacom, and so on. Some of those sellers have even status of powerseller, that is just because they earn to ebay lots of money. If you look at their feedback every 10th is mutually withdrawn, because was negative.I work in perfumery which is member of chain store, so i know that to buy for us this product costs £17.50 + V.A.T. so there is no way they buy it cheaper than that. If thy already sell it for £10, theres according to me something wrong. And by the way have a look how many products they selling so be aware. thanks for you time and if it was helpfull you are free to vote for me.
this is example of original packing

this is example of fake, has even different colour and writing goes off very easily.

Another thing i have spotted is seller from "USA" his or her name is

sentz-4-less    This seller is selling obviously fake perfumes, if you look closer you see that they are all the time the same perfumes like Chanel number 5, armani code, dolce and gabbana light blue, Ysl opium, estee lauder beautiful nothing else at all. These are probably the best done fakes so that they are very difficult to spot. But first of all, no one would be able to buy so many perfumes from chanel at the same time and more over to sell them from $1 there is no way. Or maybe if he buys them from fake makers in china or somewhere there. Please dont make these people to earn money on you wanting the item get cheaper.If you need items from chanel to get cheaper i can tell you, just dont support them.
  Thats all for now, thanks that you remained till here.
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