fake fake uggs

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i cannot believe the people falling for these fake boots you can tell them miles apart do not buy a fake ugg i got conned and there awful they ripped at the back within 4 wears so small size 4 but real uggs are slightly too big i got conned big time as the pic you see is not the boot you will recieve its worth paying that little extra knowing you are getting the real thing the boots to avoid are the ones with blue tag they are from china but everyone has them now some poor people are trying to sell on as they dont fit hence the fakes if they were real trust me they would fit iv been looking all night at uggs an cannot believe peopl are paying 80 plus postage for fakes you can buy the real thing for 20 extra from a power seller trusted if they are a genuine seller they will let you return them if not satisfied remember uggs are actually made in china now but il guarantee the fake s will say australia iv gotta say you will be highly dissapointed i was . and the sellers have no feedback  only been registered for 2 days and got hundreds of uggs on sale please avoid these people there scammers and trust me you will get ripped of i never got my money back on mine and couldnt send them back every email i sent got ignored when he finally did email me it was chinese an holy ghost he was no longer a registered ebayer probably come back on with different user id so un fair but there getting away with it so avoid and dont buy of them

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