fake g-star 96 elwood jeans

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item that i had bought, notice the 96 logo,

i just recently bought two pairs of g star jeans, one from a reputable seller, the other a seller with no feedback. the first pair i received firstly in a sealed plastic bag saying g-star on it. now i work for next in the stockroom and every item that we ever receive always comes in the same way; sealed in a bag saying 'next' on it. now, the second pair had come in a bag that didn't say g-star. the first impression i had was this was going to be a fake.

i opened the bag and inspected the jeans. now my brother is one that has has forked out the full price of these jeans in shops so i compared them to his. i found many differences, obvious ones. the stitching of the 96 logo was very messy with bits missing. the small rectangle logo saying 'g-star originals raw' on the back right hand pocket; the font was well off and also had a 10 over it , never have i seen this before, and again, an original pair didnt. i inspected the care label and it was all written in chinese and english. the english grammer was poor for a start and i spotted a spelling mistake. the original pair was written in many languages and had about 5 labels in like a notebook form. The tag that had came with the jeans also easily confirmed this was a fake pair, the entire tag was written in chinese, however i did spot an email address in english saying evergreengmt at hutchcity. The buttons on the back pockets of the fake pair said 'g-star 5620 -96' wheras the original said 1996 g-star elwood. Furthermore the material was very hard, the originals are very soft and comfortable.

i hope this helps everyone out there!

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