fake nike air max 95

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For anyone out there wishing to buy a pair of nikes, not replica, variant or limited edition but the genuine article i would say ebay is not the place to spend your money as maybe 90% are fake. Some are very good copies with all the tags, insignia etc but will not be of equal quality to the originals. Cheap material, fake leather, heavier soles and generally not finished as well. The boxes are usually poorer quality, less rigid but may have all the labels to make you believe they are genuine shoes. One thing i have noticed is that genuine Nike boxes have a date stamped on the inside of the lid and this coincides with the date on the inside of the shoe's label . Another important point is that you will be buying them without fitting so in my experience fakes tend too run a half size smaller than originals. Anatomical arch supports should be included in a small plastic bag inside a shoe, not so with fakes. If they are half the retail price almost certainly fake.



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