fake nike air max trainers.

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I am writting this guide as i am shocked at the amount of seemingly fake trainers on e.bay.Ihave worn air max for as long as i can remember and they are all i ever wear.The main thing i have noticed is the colour or design of them all,have you ever seen the same design in the sports shop??? If you look at an enlarged pic of them,you might notice that the 'leather' tops look a bit sort of dappled,the real ones are smooth looking with maybe tiny holes in them,if you are unfotunate enough to buy a pair,the first thing you will notice is the smell,they have a really strong plastic smell. when you wear them,they seem really stiff but they are very loose and flat feeling.The stitching is a bit rough and not always straight.When i have asked the seller if they are real,they always seem to answer 'I buy genuine imports or as far as i know'etc.I hope you find this guide helpful and dont get caught out.
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