fake or genuine ghds!!!!

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hi there.i'm one off the many hundreds that bought "genuine"ghds on ebay way before xmas.I got two pairs from two different reputable sellers,one for my daughter and the other for my niece!sadly my daughters ones stopped working a week after xmas,and i sent them to ghd to be fixed-or so i thought!!!

They were sent back to me in an awful state.The box was ripped ,the clear plastic that covered straightners was missing and to top it all Fake was written all over the box!I even wondered if they were the same ones i sent as i hadn't took note of the code.There was no reason given for them "supposidly"being fake.And i must say the jurys still out on that one.

The seller was happy to refund me,but instead i contacted trading standards,who were very interested indeed!They came to my home,examined them and took copies of all corespondance between myself the seller and ebay,then took them away.They are waitng on ghd responding!

The strangest thing for me about all this is that the other seller buys her ghds from ghd themselves at auction in London!She has confronted both ebay and ghd about this but neither will respond!Thats not right.My friend has the same pair,they are exact in every way.The difference being that she got hers from a locol salon.the same salon that couln't tell the difference either,and who are very angry that ghd have not let them know there are fakes going about!!

So at this stage of my rant i'm left wondering why ghd sent my straightners back if they are such obviously amazing fakes?Why would they not keep them as evidence for investigating these fraudsters?And why is ebay not their first port of call to catch the counterfiets?Or what about this idea-Why do the folk that make thes "fakes"not make their own?They obviously are very good at it!!

Anyway, if anyone has got any info to shed a light on this,please respond!Meanwhile my daughters left without her xmas prezzie and i'm left fighting for a refund from paypal(thats if they ever bother to respond) -some buyer protection thats turned out to be!!!!!



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