fake uggs

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There are a lot of so called uggs being sold on ebay with the same pictures.  I believe them to come from a website which deals in selling wholesale goods to the public Although it is not the website that is selling them, they sell them for individual clients.  They are based in China and they are selling ugg boots like they are going out of fashion. Most of the pictures i have seen on ebay come from there, they are the exact same pictures.  And you can buy a pair of so called uggs for as little as £10 per pair although postage is high from there.  So if in doubt have a look the site is called DH gate.  Some people that buy them from there might believe that they are buying hte genuine articleBut they are selling them in bulk.  The more you buy the cheaper it gets.  I found this quite interesting as i was looking to buy a pair of genuine uggs and my search led me to DH gate.  Some of the pictures look like they have been taken in somebodys front room and i have seen the exact same pictures on ebay, with sellers saying they are the genuine article.  Dont be fooled.


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