faulty electric kettle

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Hello there, My neighbour who is a pensioner. is a collector of Country Roses by Royal Doulton. She was delighted to discover a kettle for sale on ebay, even though the seller wanted an extortionate £45 plus p&p for this plastic kettle she went ahead and purchased it. She was delighted with it and even purchased a second one as a gift for her sister. However, after about ten wks she found it to be faulty, the light would come on but it wouldnt heat up the water. The element had obviously gone. I advised her not to try to use it and immediately emailed the seller. SHE CHOSE TO IGNORE ME. I emailed her again, being very polite and explaining the situation......SHE CHOSE TO IGNORE ME YET AGAIN. After the third email, still politely worded, she contacted me and said unfortunately both kettles were given to her as unwanted gifts, and as as she operated a no returns policy there was nothing she could do. I emailed her again, still extremely politely and stressed my concern as the purchaser is a pensioner and i was worried as the item was clearly faulty. SHE CHOSE YET AGAIN TO IGNORE ME. .... I am at a loss at what to do about the situation. I am worried now that the other one may also be faulty and feel terible about the fact that my neighbour has paid over £100 for these items. COULD AYNONE PLEASE OFFER ME ANY ADVICE.?????
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