faulty goods

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In answer to the Mamas and Papas review on faulty Goods/ or any faulty goods


I am sure if you spoke to the Citizens Advice Bureux, they would advise you to contact the Trading Standards department. As good's have to be fit for the purpose of the use, and if they are not, then you can take the company to the small claims court, under the ruling of that the goods were not fit for use for which the goods were intended for.  I think they have to either replace the item or you can demand a full refund.  I recall purchasing a fur coat once, I had it 3 weeks and it ripped.  I took advice and threatned court action and was given a refund 28 days later.  It is time consuming and you do have to do some threatning under the legal system, but usually the comsumer wins.  You also have to look at the individual gurarantee's on items.

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