fawlty towers the complete series

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fawlty Tower's dvd the complete series, is a complete must buy, this really does take me back when comedy was comedy back then, like with the steptoe and son, there will never be another 2 like those two again.

Back to the fawlty Tower's DVD, this has to be a must for any fan of the BBC programme series, i never thought for one moment that it would be out on DVD, John Cleese has got to be one of the most funniest men around, the 2 of my favourites of the series had to be the Germans, and the hotel inspector's, i have never laughed so much in all my life at those 2 series, but the other's are funny. Has all you fawlty tower fans will know, John Cleese actually done all his own stunts in the show, on the hotel inspector's where he hit's Andrew Sacs (manuel) with a spoon on the head, i remember, Sacs saying "the stunt was for real, as he had a terrible headache for 2 day's along with a bump as well" Maybe some of you did'nt know this but it's true. We also know that Cleese was married to Connie Booth. But lets be honest comedy back then was true funny comedy, nothing like the one's you get on TV now. I recommend anyone to buy this DVD as it's full of side splitting laughs, from start to finish.

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