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1)Always be aware that some sellers ..will not care.. what you say or what you buy as long as you buy and leave 100% positive feedback.. otherwise they will be 100% negative back no matter what,2)the p&p may at times be high well sometimes the seller wants to cover their costs .they do not always care even when it is obvious when someone else can send more or heavier stuff for less ! 3)be careful when you bid to make sure the seller has all payment options open to you if not and you bid they will not always be kind to you if you win! 4)be very careful with some hidden bidder details if you want something always set a end bid-target other wise people that know the seller can get away with pumping the price up ! 5)always check to see where the seller is from , ie which country ,to account for delivery time,and hidden p&p costs ,nothing stops the postman asking for extra p&p. 6)  and be aware that not all products are original (clothing,cds,engine parts,etc etc) they may look good but you can end up paying over the odds again.7)always check your bank balance/statements  so that, 1 ,you do not go over  into the red,2,someone has took extra ,always always always keep a check with the money holders !!!well that is just some things to think of ,anything else will be added whenever,"i am always interested in what any one has to say no matter the who what were why etc etc!!!! 
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