feedback - Buyer or Seller first!

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This is a topic which is widely debated on the forums daily,

There are no rules as such, as feedback is optional , so never harass anyone into leaving you feedback, if they do it is their choice, as a seller you could include a note about leaving it.

As a seller, I leave feedback as the buyer pays, as they have fulfilled their side of the agreement.  There is absolutely no point doing anything else, as a seller no longer can leave adverse feedback (neutral or neg) and false positives (Positive Rating with negative comment) are frowned on by eBay.

If you have any problems at all with your parcel speak to the seller before leaving feedback as they work long and hard to keep it in good standing, and avoid neutrals and negs as far as possible.  Well I know I do.

Never as a buyer be afraid of leaving adverse feedback, people will always look at both comments, if yours is factual, accurate and calm it will carry more weight than one which is left in haste

Also never mention paypal disputes, NPB or eBay investigations into the seller, as this is grounds to have the comment removed,  instead a well placed BEWARE, and a reason why, ie BEWARE paid on the 1st, now the 28th and no goods or refund, is a lot better than LIAR, THIEF CHEAT, PAYPAL INVESTIGATION - as you come across as completely irrational and reference to investigations is just one way feedback can be removed....

Good luck on eBay and safe trading
Suz xx
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