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I feel i must now have my feedback as private , Another member is trying to view my feedback for not infomation to see if i am a trustworthy member but to collate infomation on my life and lifestyle , Remember fellow ebayer , that any transaction on this site is open for all to see , decide to sell those handcuffs from under the bed , it will be in full view of the public , the tax man , C.S.A , ex partners ( may they rot in hell , you know who you are ) can all pull up your transactions and use this info for whatever means they feel , feels uncomfortable doesnt it


ebay should make peopless transaction open to the public on request only , i have no right to know what you brought a tesco this week so why would it be different with ebay.


in my perticular case something more sinister his happening , i attempted to sell my fathers car on this site for him as he doesnt have a computer , the winner of the auction didnt complete the transaction so i used the second chance option , people got back to me saying they had recieved an email form another source offering the car to them and was this correct , SOMEONE HAD LOOKED THROUGH THE BIDDERS LIST AND EMAILED THESE PEOPLE OFFERING THE CAR TO THEM WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE , now i could seek legal redress as to interfear within a legally binding contract is a criminal offence but i choise not to as this person is known to me , remember any listing is open to the same thing happening to yourselfs 

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