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hi i agree with another guide that feed back for buyer should be left before goods recieved because you have paid and that is what the feed back is left for how fast you paid, not if you did or did not like the state of the goods you are buying, sellers should be made to leave feed back as soon as payment is made. i myself leave feedback this way,

i have got some real rubbish through my door for my daughter and it went right in the bin as cost of returning  more than is worth , did not leave neg but not good feed back these people prob think stuff is ok but i dont and that is my right as a buyer and the seller left me neg feedback which was not fair as i pay within an hour of item ending, but took heart because you can leave a reply and i have, i just out that the item was ready for the bin not selling and i had been trying to be nice by putting neutral feed back as it was my opinion that it was rubbish but someone somewhere who mybe desperate would have been ok with it.

so i think you should be left feedback for your part ie how fast you paid up if you paid up and if you communicated with seller if you were nice person to deal with.

please take note as this is the only way to be fair, i only leave neg if item took weeks to come and was rubbish otherwise it is neutral feed back this is fair because it is my standards where as others may set thiers lower.


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