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feedback, do not buy from sellers that do not leave feedback within 24 hours of receiving your paypal payment.

These sellers are feedback blackmailers, they do not leave for you unless you leave them a positive.

you win an auction, you pay, where's the feedback? I have had to write to 20 sellers to leave me feedback, why? feedback is important, when buying look when the seller left feedback for the buyer, good sellers will leave f/back within 24hrs, bad sellers, Cagey ones, leave it for you after they receive a feedback off a buyer!!!!! these sellers are feedback blackmailers! don't use them because they have something to worry about or hide, if you look at my selling on ebay  (mitchandclaire) you will notice we leave feedback straightaway, if their is a problem we will refund you, honest sellers will or should be able to sort any problems out, why we even give buyers our home number, so to all you honest ebayers out there, be carefull, not in what you buy but whom you buy off, safe ebaying to you all. mitchandclaire

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