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This is announcement for all you people who buy tickets for any festivals or gigs. Please be aware that if you buy tickets through Paypal for a gig that you are not expecting to receive the tickets within 45 days you should still file an ' item not received' to be able to use their extended claim procedure. Even if you know the tickets couldn't possibly arrive within the 45 days (not even printed yet scenario), if you don't you have not any recourse to either the seller or your money. I trusted a powerseller (so called trusted with good feedback) but was not aware of the above and they have not refunded any monies because basically they know that I can't leave negative feedback and Paypal will not do anything, as it was past the time allowed . If you file a 'not received' notice then the seller knows that they have to send the tickets in time or you can claim the money back through Paypal. PLEASE BE CAREFUL - GOOD FEEDBACK DOES NOT INEVITABLY MEAN THAT THEY CAN BE TRUSTED TO COMPLETE THE TRANSACTION. I WOULD LOVE TO TELL YOU WHO THEY WERE BUT EBAY MIGHT REMOVE THIS WARNING ALTOGETHER.  lets just say they sell 'TICKET' on the 'RUN' in the 'UK'

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