fflap: The eBay Certified social eCommerce Platform

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This guide aims to explain the reason behind the success of fflap.com and why it is the first and only Social Marketing Platform Certified by eBay in the Solutions Directory


What is fflap? fflap is a collection of the very best tools and services to help you make more profits and make them faster using social networks as a platform for eBay business success.

Why is it called fflap? We would like you to create a fflap about your eBay listings (verb. the act of waving or fluttering, causing a commotion, attracting attention) and we thought that this perfectly sums up what we would like the platform to achieve. And why do we have the second ‘f’ in fflap? You ever seen a bird with one wing? Exactly…

Why do we charge a subscription service? fflap.com needs to generate income in order to create innovative and powerful apps for social network marketing and advertising. We have big plans, some of which will be revealed very soon. In order for us to create and implement these tools, we need to pay developers, the best developers to make our ideas reality. The free service gets you a basic set of tools and services but gives you a chance to try them and prove that they work for you. The small monthly contribution gets you access to all sorts of goodies now and in the future.

Who is fflap for? fflap has been designed for anyone who sells an item on eBay. Whether you are a business or an individual the various subscription packages have been designed to give each user the tools they need to communicate with their customers effectively and profitably.

What will fflap do for me? Using fflap you could generate faster sales, maximise profits and encourage added bidding activity. You will be more connected to your customers and become a greater part of the platform for social network marketing success. The basic tools provided enable a user to search for listings, select the relevant items to tell their social networks about, add a personalised message, schedule when to inform social networks then track and graphically report the success of the fflapped message through bidding to sale. This last bit is very important as, based on the reports, you can adjust your fflap strategy to maximise the fflap platform’s results for your trading style.

Can I do some of this stuff myself for free? Yes you can, but why waste time and effort when you could be making money. Using fflap could help raise your profitability by as much as 32% and sell your listings up to 60% faster [source: independent eBay trading statistics] that's a huge difference to your profit margins and enables you to concentrate on working on the business rather than in the business.

Who is fflap? fflap.com, trademarks and associated tools are owned by VUME Ltd a UK, a start-up company founded by an entrepreneur with a love of technology, sales and social networks. fflap are located in Harrogate in the UK, it’s lovely, sometimes sunny and you are very welcome to come and visit any time you like. As long as you bring cake…

Where is the support? We provide community and premium support through forum.fflap.com, the social hub where you can interact with the fflap user community to find your answers. This premium service is provided as part of a paid fflap subscription.

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