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I'm an avid poultry keeper and have kept chickens, guinea fowl, wildfowl, waterfowl and bred Australian finches for many many years and as such learned so much about hatching, incubating and care of birds. I had purchased eggs from ebay before with bad results, adled eggs and old eggs but decided to give it another go. I bought some eggs from fins-feathers-and fur and they were Malaysian seramas eggs. I'd never kept seramas before but the lovely lady advised me on incubation techniques before I bid and assure me that I'd receive good fresh eggs from top stock. I placed my bid and won!! I received 12 eggs and not the 6 I'd paid for, a little note in the excellently packaged parcel said "Dear buyer thank you for your purchase, I have sent extra eggs for you as my females are laying so well, I wish you the very best with hatching and if you have any problems please don't hesitate to contact me" I was thrilled on checking my eggs all 12 PERFECT and clean. As the seller suggested I let them settle 24hours pointy end down, although I already knew this but it was nice to know the seller had a good knowledge of the care of the eggs. I put 6 of the eggs into my incubator and set it at 37.5'C and humidity of 50% just as seller suggested and placed the other 6 under a broodie pekin bantam hen. I candled at day 10 using a cool egg lume as seller suggested and not the candlers which heat the eggs as seller advised serama eggs can be damaged by these types of candlers, and to my surprise 100% fertilty. At day 17 I did as seller suggested and raised humidity to 65% then on day 19 when over 50% of all eggs had pipped I increased again to 70% just as seller said to do. Day 20 I hatched ALL 6 of the eggs in my incubator and day 21 all 6 under my broodie hatched also. The seller was absolutely spot on with her instructions, she knew exactly what she was doing and as a result I have 12 chicks from 12 eggs and since then we have kept in contact and I've privately purchased 45 eggs from this seller ALL of whom posted over a hundred miles to me, NONE have ever been broken and so far out of the 45 eggs I've had 100% fertilty and 43 chicks. Im well impressed with a fantastic seller. Ignore lying buyers with bad reviews I've heard of this person golden_egg_66 or also known as 7192linda before and as such added her to my blocked bidders list. Its a shame such a good ebayers reputation can be damaged by such scammers.

Update 3 of the chicks I hatched have been shown and I have had 5 firsts 2 seconds and 1 third place. All thanks to fins-feathers-and fur

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