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What is first aid?


First Aid as the words suggest is the care given to a casualty before professional help is required. This help can literally mean the difference between life and death. This guide is to inform you in laymans terms how a knowledge of basic first aid can make a difference.

The aims of First Aid are:

To preserve life.

To prevent the worsening of any injuries

To promote recovery

Why do we need first aid and more importantly the correct products.

Fact: accidents do happen anywhere, anytime

Fact: approx 2.8 million a year in the home alone.

You are 20 times more likely to have a fatal accident than win the lottery

Top 5 Accidents:

a] Falls

B] Strikes & collisions

C] Cuts & Bruise

D] Foreign Bodies

E] Burns

Some First Aid misconceptions:

You should put butter/cream on a burn. WRONG the only thing to put on a burn is water. Keep the butter for cooking.

To do first aid you need lots of training. WRONG what you need is commonsense and the right tools.

You need lots of expensive equipment. WRONG the basic products are readily available. See Mediscot Ebay shop.

Who uses first aid?

Everyone at some time will use basic first aid whether in the workplace where by law it is required or more likely in the home, on holiday, sports or other leisure activity.

Try this test:

Using the alphabet think of all the areas where people could have an accident from an abbatoir to a zoo! Once you have got to Z go back to the beginning you`ve just started!

Mediscot with over 25 years experience have a comprehensive range of the health & safety products required on a daily basis to help reduce the risk of accidents. These include the innovative MOBIMEDIC which allows people in all walks of life to have First Aid at their Fingertips at all times. All avilable on our Ebay shop


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