first time ebay seller

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Well its  my first time selling on ebay, and I thought it would be easy! I couldn't be more wrong. Its been two weeks and I have still not sold any thing yet.  I'm working pretty hard so far to complete a sale, I will list below some of the things I've done so far.

*created an ebay account, with a great name( well I hope its great)
*found a trusted wholesaler with create products
*created a facebook profile about my ebay shop.
*writting reviews and blogs

I think so far I completed the basics. Much more to do though. What I have found out though is how easy it is to quit. I think the general publc upload products, they don't sell then just quit. 

some tips I have for people who are in the same boat as me.....

*make sure you update your profile so people can see your not fake.
*read review and blogs on ebay. There are alot of sellers on ebay who have provided loads of infomation on how to be a successful ebayer.
*Don't quit!

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