firstwheels city twin is not as good as it looks

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the quest for a perfect double pram is a hard one, and needs will change as your children get older

anyway i saw the firstwheels twin in mothercare and fell in love with it , it did absolutley everything i wanted it to

i could have both children face me, one face me one away from me and even put my newborn in a carrycot

i eventually talked my partner in to letting me have one and i was soo disapointed in it. it was used maybe 4 times at the most i didnt dare take it out by myself as i couldnt get it up kerbs, when you pushed on the4 handle to raise the front end the handle bar just collapsed!! so would have to take it up backwards not ideal if you have busy roads to cross

then the small front wheels buckled and bent right back on themselves if the surface you were walking on was uneven, i was terrified they were going to snap off

it had seemed like the perfect choice for our 2 children just 14 month apart, yes it did look beautiful and was so versatile but i felt it was unstable and that the frame wasnt capable of supporting the weight of the pram with 2 children in.

altogether a huge dissapointment and a big waste of money, didnt even want to sell it on as i was so nervous about using it and felt it really was unsafe


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