fitting 200tdi engines to land rover 90 and 110

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If you are looking to fit a 200 series tdi engine into a land rover 90, 110 or 127/130 then perhaps this may come in handy, first look for an engine from a discovery as these are invariably cheaper to buy than the defender equivalents, as you may already know the exhaust manifold and turbo positions are different and will not fit in the engine bay without either modifying the bulkhead and exhaust system, or, the easy way is to buy a downpipe from steve parker land rovers that will allow the engine to be fitted without slashing your precious bulkhead to pieces.Next comes engine mounts again as you may know, the disco item will not fit the chassis of a defender, but, as long as your original engine  is a diesel, it is possible to remove the brackets from this and utilise them on the new lump, likewise the bell housing as it is the same pattern as the 200 tdi with the exception of one stud that needs to be removed. v8 and petrol owners fear not though as all these parts are readily available and are fairly cheap to obtain. I must point out however that with the exception of v8 models i must advise that you uprate the vehicles brakes to cope with the extra power, don't forget you are nearly doubling the horsepower of your vehicle if you have a 2.5na engine, so i would say if possible to fit the braking system from a tdi vehicle which again is easy to find from a breaker and will not break the bank but could potentially save yours, or someone elses, life. You must also fit a 200 tdi exhaust system as this will be designed to provide the correct back pressure to the turbo whereas a 2.5 na system will restrict the turbos performance ending in a costly repair bill for you. Finally please don't be put off by this guide it is intended to aid you in purchasing the correct parts to ensure you an easy conversion, it may sound a bit daunting but if you prepare yourself properly the job is very easy and will take the competent home mechanic no more than a weekend to complete all the necessary work. thank you for reading my guide I hope you find it helpful, best of british to you, Iain  
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